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Examples of Our Work

Commutation of Sentence (P.M.T.)
Washington Clemency & Pardons BoardGov. Jay Inslee

Client's sentence was commuted due to her extraordinary rehabilitation and previously unexplained circumstances of the offense, resulting in release after serving 27 years of a 40-year sentence.

In re Personal Restraint of Ramirez
Wash. Court of Appeals, Division 3 (2022)

Ordering a new sentencing hearing because the court agreed that trial counsel acted ineffectively at prior sentencing and effectively abandoned our client. 

State v. J. W.
Pierce County Superior Court Orders (2021)

Successfully moved court to modify conditions of our client's sentence to allow him to have contact with his children and to be with them in parks, libraries, and similar locations under certain conditions.

State v. Greystoke
Wash. Court of Appeals, Division 2 (2020)

Reversing conviction on first degree assault and granting a new trial because our client was entitled to inferior degree instruction for second degree assault.

State v. Parent
Wash. Court of Appeals, Division 1 (2020)

Reversal and remand for new trial because our client did not knowingly and intelligently waive his right to counsel.

In re Dependency of A.E.T.H.
9 Wn. App. 2d 502 (2019)

Reversal of order terminating parental rights because our client was denied a fair trial before an impartial tribunal.

D. Z. v. Seattle
King County Superior Court Order (2019)

Order reversing conviction because the trial court excluded our client's expert witness in violation of the Sixth Amendment right to present a defense.

State v. Ramirez
191 Wn.2d 732 (2018)

Reversing the order imposing legal financial obligations upon our client and defining what constitutes an adequate inquiry into an individual's ability to pay in the trial court.

Reinstating our client's treatment-based drug offender sentencing alternative (DOSA) sentence because the wrong standard of proof was used to revoke it; requiring the Department of Corrections to prove facts underlying a DOSA revocation by a preponderance of the evidence.

State v. Sandberg

199 Wn. App. 1018 (2017)

Permitting withdrawal of our client's guilty plea because she did not understand an essential element of the crime.

State v. Bigsby

189 Wn.2d 210 (2017)

Reversing an order sanctioning our client because, as a matter of first impression, the trial court lacked statutory authority to sanction our client for sentence violations while they were under the supervision of the Department of Corrections.

State v. Lyons
199 Wn. App. 235 (2017)

Reversing an involuntary medication order after determining an individual facing forced medication has a procedural due process right to present an expert in his own defense.

In re Detention of D.V.
200 Wn. App. 904 (2017)

Reversing our client's involuntary civil commitment order because the trial court misinterpreted statutory language regarding the likelihood of serious harm element.

State v. Webb

183 Wn. App. 242 (2014)

Reversing our client's persistent offender, life without parole sentence because one prior conviction was invalid on its face and another was not a qualifying offense.

State v. Grisby

181 Wn.2d 564 (2014)

Reversing conviction and granting a new trial because the superior court improperly interviewed jurors in chambers, in violation of the constitutional right to a public trial.

In re Detention of Ritter

177 Wn. App. 519 (2013)

Requiring new hearing for admissibility of evidence obtained using a novel scientific tool to predict dangerousness in our client's involuntary civil commitment case.

In re Welfare of S.N.F. & L.C.F.

162 Wn. App. 1067 (2011)

Reversing parental termination order as to our client father because the State failed to show that it had offered all necessary services.

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