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Our Team

Marla Zink

Kathleen Shea and Marla Zink share a drive to zealously advocate for their clients' interests in state courts, federal courts, and before review boards throughout Washington. They believe effective representation begins by getting to know their clients and using that knowledge to present a compelling and accurate narrative in pursuit of relief. Through written and oral advocacy, they ardently advance their clients' interests inside and outside the courtroom. Hard work and compassion form the foundation of their representation.


Kate and Marla have extensive experience in appeals, postconviction, and trial work that they use to further their clients' postconviction goals. Before forming Luminata, they both worked at the Washington Appellate Project, representing clients appealing serious criminal convictions, termination of their parental rights, and civil commitments. Kate's prior experience includes working as a trial-level public defender. Marla worked at a civil law firm and served as a judicial law clerk.

Luminata attorneys are members of legal organizations including the Washington Appellate Lawyers Association (WALA), the Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (WACDL), the Washington Defender Association (WDA), and the King County Bar Association (KCBA). They volunteer with legal and non-legal organizations, driven by a desire to foster better communities. And they work to improve the law, including by authoring chapters on incarceration of women in the 2021 Gender & Justice Commission Report.

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