Experienced, zealous, and compassionate

legal representation on direct appeal

and post-conviction relief. 

Our Services & Philosophy

We are passionate about providing high-quality criminal defense representation on direct appeal and during other post-conviction proceedings, such as personal restraint petitions, motions for a new trial, sentencing review board hearings, limited remands to the trial court, and vacating convictions.


For years, we have been representing clients in Washington's state and federal appellate court system. We bring experience, compassion, and fervor to all of our cases and value building strong client relationships. We take the time to listen and are dedicated to helping clients identify and work toward their specific goals post-conviction.

Our Practice Areas

Adult felony convictions

Adult misdemeanor convictions

Juvenile adjudications and juveniles tried in adult court

Parental termination and dependency proceedings

Chapter 71.09 RCW civil commitments

Mental health civil commitments

We are passionate about providing thoughtful legal representation to clients on direct appeal from a trial court conviction, adjudication, or commitment and in various forms of post-conviction relief, such as personal restraint petitions, sentencing review board proceedings, motions for new trial or relief from judgment, vacating convictions, resentencing proceedings, and other limited remands to the trial court.

We practice in state courts throughout Washington and in the federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and federal district courts in Washington.

Luminata Partners

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